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Innovation is generated by free thinkers. They are people with courage. Scientists who come up with ideas that no one has thought of before. They dare to go off the beaten trail, taking bold turns to make the most fantastic discoveries.

The Radboud Fund exists for those people, those scientists, researchers, students, professors and doctor-researchers. Because free thinking, taking turns, taking detours, persevering until you have found that one idea that makes the world a better place, that makes people better... that takes time.

The Radboud Fund finances that time. It finances the resources needed for that. The result? Breakthroughs in cancer research, scholarships for a new generation of scientists, the world's first film of a black hole, a healing environment for sick children.

We can't do it alone. You have a part to play.

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Africa Millimetre Telescope planetarium team receive Royal Astronomical Society Medal for outreach

22-02-2024 | 15:18 Posted on: Help us inspire children in Namibia! The mobile planetarium team of the Africa Millimetre Telescope project is honoured by the UK’s Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) with the 2024 Annie Maunder Medal for Outreach. The mobile planetarium is used to bring immersive and interactive astronomy engagement to a diverse spectrum of the Namibian public and help to bridge the gap between scientists and the public as well as top-level government. For these reasons the medal was awarded to the internationally operated project. The RAS commends the innovative nature and potential of the project: “In spite of magnificent night skies, the wider public in Namibia has little knowledge or appreciation of the astronomical research done in their country. This means that the potential of astronomy to inspire and stimulate interest in “blue skies research” is being missed. The mobile planetarium project of the Africa Millimetre Telescope (AMT) is helping to realise this potential by bringing an immersive astronomical experience to schools across Namibia.”
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